Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Year of Change

The other one of the two blogs I regularly follow has created "A Year of Change". If you read her post for today and you know why I blog, you'll get the fact that this is right up my street. Can you feel my virtual smile?  Why wallow when you can enjoy, when although life isn't going as you would like or had planned, you could be worse off? And anyway wallowing only helps for the shortest amount of time ever. And then you have to deal with what life threw at you and get on with it. Okay, there are a few situations where wallowing is the right therapy for a good long while, but those are exceptions and I don't even want to go down that street. This challenge fits  so well with the developments in my life that have come about over the past week. Developments that include some trees, a room of my own and a patio door. Exciting times....

Oh and the release from finishing these curtains!

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