Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 Things

I once read that recapping 5 things good things that happened during the day before you go to bed at night helped you remain/become contented with life. Well yesterday when I didn't have to even think twice about those 5.

1. A friend with excellent interior design sense came up with a solution for the TV corner in our living room (it's not good at the moment).

2. I got to come home from work 3 hours earlier than normal. I got to play with Yorck before he went to bed (not normal for a Tuesday evening) and to watch TV with my hubby (not normal either).

3. Listening to the man standing next to me on the platform in Düsseldorf. He was approached by a guy selling Fifty-Fifty (Düsseldorf's homeless magazine). Not only did he give him way over the price, as he needed change and the train arrived whilst the transaction was going on, he reassured the guy selling that he was in no rush and could catch the next train if it took longer. He just treated that guy with more respect than most people treat anyone.

4. The cashier in my local Rewe City pointed out twice that the pluots that I wanted to buy were not in the best shape. I'd never had them before and so didn't really know what I was looking for. After me picking up a bad pack the second time, he went off himself to look for a good pack. That really is what generates customer loyalty.

5. I was greeted by my little boy with the biggest smile shouting Mummy, Mummy when I got home. And about 10 minutes later Arvid came home too.

It is the people you share your life with, the respectful encounters with others and the simple things that can make life so much more enjoyable.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What a hot weekend, 28°C in Kalterherberg. No-one really believes it when those kind of temperatures are forecasted. A great time was had at Nadja and Collin’s August bash! They really do have interesting friends. Sorry no pictures as I really wasn’t in a photography mood. Don’t know what was wrong with me!!! Hot sun, beer, a tasty BBQ, good conversation, kids happy to run around until ten, what more could one want? If you ask me, not much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This really is meant to be a blog about positive things and the good things in life. Well I had an exceptionally good chance to get to know Mainz Kastel rail station (bit of a big word for it) today. I thought I’d try a new way home. But the bus was late and I missed the connecting train. So it took an hour for me to get no further than Mainz Kastel. If you have ever been from Wiesbaden you know you can walk there in that. Honestly you can.

But I did see the most amazing cloud formations on the way (made me think about the book I’d like to dip into about cloud formations). And I got time to sort the pictures from the weekend. There are some good ones of Ari and Yorck at their Great Aunt Irmi’s 75th.

Here are the guys and their first tortoise experience

What a hot and urban week

What a wonderful week. Despite or rather because it was soo hot, the Düsseldorf had a completely different atmosphere this week. I took things at a nice slow pace which meant that the afternoons were just perfect. It was easily hot enough for paddling pool fun. And on Thursday, we met up with Derek. We wandered through the Hofgarten (Düsseldorf’s Central Park!) and looked at the ducks and chatted about life, particularly about silly Alex and Steve who moved. Well they would be scoffing at 30°C heat.

Waiting for the tram on the way home, Yorck and I watched some breakdancing kids. They were soo cool. And for some reason complemented the heat really well. Every one standing around watching was grinning. How great is that. Collective grins don’t happen that often.

The week ended perfectly with a wedding anniversary dinner in Benkay. We finally used the dinner voucher that I won at the FEDEFE in February. It was nice to go for dinner just the two of us and eat the most delicious fish ever. I can certainly recommend the place!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometime has passed....

Well sometime has certainly passed since I started this. Time to get back on trap. You may ask yourself what made me want to pick this up again. Well several things. The first is I have some stuff to sell. Some good friends moved to China (sniff) last week and left me with a stack of stuff to sell. The idea is to find loving homes for the things and to support, well even start, my "Visiting China" fund. Three seats on an airplane to Beijing don't come cheap. Why not Ebay I hear you cry. Well Ebay is great, but some of these things are kinda heavy and bulky so it will be best to try find them local homes. I shall be back with a list and photos of the homeseekers. Most of the stuff is for babies.