Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a hot and urban week

What a wonderful week. Despite or rather because it was soo hot, the Düsseldorf had a completely different atmosphere this week. I took things at a nice slow pace which meant that the afternoons were just perfect. It was easily hot enough for paddling pool fun. And on Thursday, we met up with Derek. We wandered through the Hofgarten (Düsseldorf’s Central Park!) and looked at the ducks and chatted about life, particularly about silly Alex and Steve who moved. Well they would be scoffing at 30°C heat.

Waiting for the tram on the way home, Yorck and I watched some breakdancing kids. They were soo cool. And for some reason complemented the heat really well. Every one standing around watching was grinning. How great is that. Collective grins don’t happen that often.

The week ended perfectly with a wedding anniversary dinner in Benkay. We finally used the dinner voucher that I won at the FEDEFE in February. It was nice to go for dinner just the two of us and eat the most delicious fish ever. I can certainly recommend the place!

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