Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Perverseness of Life

Why is it that sometimes not getting what your heart so desires, makes what you already have seem so much sweeter? And when slapped down, it sometimes just increases you will to succeed.

Sadly the cold punch season is over, but that means the Glühwein season is approaching. It has to be said Germany has it's merits above no speed limit on the motorways (I know you are sick of hearing it). This place does Christmas really well. Glühwein is just one of the small parts that make up the whole great experience.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flea Market

I am doing a flea market (inside) this Saturday. For anyone in the area, it is in the Schwelmer str. 10 in Flingern (Düsseldorf) from 09:00 - 17:00. The flea market is taking place in a disused machine hall so it'll be good even if it rains. 

We've got everything you need (and plenty you don't but might like), funky secondhand clothes for grown ups and kids, antiques, preloved books, English and German, new things, crockery, pictures, some electrical appliances, telephones, new toys, oh you name it.... and some jam. It is all in a good cause. I am going to save my takings to go visit friends in China (silly people that moved away!).

Oh do come along. You might find the steal of your day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chaos - Why No Pictures or Posts

A while back we had some renovations done to our place. Needn't have been too disrupting, some new windows, more insulation and new vents on our radiators. We weren't anticipating weeks of chaos. Too bad, it happened anyway.

We got back from our holidays (good thing No. 1) to be swallowed up by workmen traipsing in and out of the place, dust saturating everything and mess everywhere. That was just the windows. The day after the heating vents had been swapped, we had water pooring out of all of our radiators. A big hooray and thank you goes out to the lady who amazingly saved our laminate flooring (having to have that replaced would have been a nightmare). The water meant getting everything up off the floor and desconstructing my office. For those of you not in the know, it is about as big as an under-the-stairs cupboard and is stacked to the ceiling. This is the reason why I have never published a picture of it here and am so unlikely to ever do so. It is a very small room, but very central to my life. Despite it being so small, if it is out of action then our place falls into chaos and with it, any ressemblance of organisation I might have pretended to have.

Why should this affect this space you might ask. Well, with no space there to organise or blog, and the space elsewhere covered in the stuff from there, not only have the physical spaces to do these things been filled, but also the motivation or interest. Add to that a lack of personal laptop (it had to go back to it's owners, my old employers (good thing No. 2) and you have seen the result. Yep, no blog.

I have thousands of pictures from our wonderful holiday to a beautiful part of the world. I have news that I shall devote a whole post to. And lots of thoughts about autumn and the new routes my life is currently taking. Hmmmmm..... just have to get that office sorted.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Always Brought Beginnings

Tomorrow I shall be back with pictures and news. Big changes here. And they are good ones.