Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Another Summer’s Day

or the day after. Today is going to be a day of snide comments, blatant „Schadenfreude“, and the like. What do I have to hold against all this? Well, a decent night’s sleep (not a normal event on a Sunday night) and a beautiful summer’s morning which I am enjoying to Coldplay. Even if football isn’t coming home, that one (in comparison) small island produces a disproportionate amount of excellent music artists. I will enjoy today anyway. I suppose if you are going to live somewhere abroad (only a problem once every two years, don’t forget the European Cup!) I suppose it’s best to live where the party has a good chance of being to celebrate the world champions, isn’t it? And in a way it is better than to live in the county that is now going to fall into a mix of self pity, anger at a massive ref. mistake and self inspection. Have I mentioned just how beautiful this morning is?!

Time is speeding by. Last Friday was Yorck’s nursery leaving party. I have to admit that I no longer have a baby, but a little boy. The toddlerisms are almost over as well. Time for Kindergarten (European Kindergarten that is.). I am sure going to miss the cosy nursery he goes to now. The nursery assistants (is that what you call them?) are great, Yorck feels nearly as at home there as he does at home. I suppose moving on is one of those things that is going to accompany us until he makes his own way in the world (it breaks my heart just thinking about that even now). Thanks to all of you who have made my little man so welcome over the past two and a bit years.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh dear!

4:1. No more excuses to run around in my fooball shirt anymore. My life will be filled unwillingly with black, red and gold.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Boys in Parks

Summer really is with us here in Düsseldorf. So Yorck and I are spending our days outside with friends. We are really enjoying Düsseldorf. It has to be said, I never noticed before how green this city is. It just came 7th in a Mercer quality of living survey of the world's cities.A lot of parks and green go towards making somewhere livable, if you ask me. It is also somewhere that seems to pull people back. I've ended up living here twice! So as part of this challenge (34 days of summer) I'm intending to show and tell you about some of the places around here.

Yesterday we went to the Nordpark. I have been there once before (in a different life) and although it was nice enough I wasn't overly impressed. Quite different yesterday. It was wonderfully wot (more than warm but not HOT), the fountains were on (they can't have been there last time I was otherwise I'd have been back there many more times inbetween) and the boys (those two rascals on the pictures) had a wail of time. You can see the evidence of the nephew I mentioned who would be coming this summer here too. 

So for any of you who live or are coming to Düsseldorf, the Nordpark is worth a visit (despite it's dubious origins). There is even a little cafe hidden away in it's depths. I've heard they do a mean iced chocolate!

And then there are other playgrounds which are just places that are great to hang out in with your mates. Nothing like a well placed table tennis table in the shade for a snack for the boys and a coffee for the mums (Thanks Helen!) 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Okay, okay, so it has to be about football

Deciding to be more present and enjoy life a bit more sure is the way to start. Just deciding that no chores were going to be done yesterday, just fun in the park and intense football viewing, has recharged my battery enormously. To anyone who doesn't know, I am a Brit (for football, English) married to a German living here in (currently) sunny Düsseldorf. So days like yesterday are good: England and Germany win their respective games, days like the coming Sunday (England vs. Germany) are fraught.

Between games, Yorck and I went to the park and had amongst lots of other summer fun, a Sesame Street park moment. Lots of kids running around enjoying themselves. Yorck and I were sitting on a big seesaw. The shades of skin varied from so white translucent would be a better description, through prettiest tan with long loose brown curls to a gorgeous black (with the biggest grin out). Our park on a weekday is like a United Nations Assembly (only the kids can solve their problems more easily). I love it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to ......enjoy the remaining 92 days of summer

It's time to move forward, start seeing and savouring again, enjoy the summer and enjoy my great family and friends

So to celebrate this I have decided to join Evidently in her 94 days of summer. Although I have obviously started a little late (I plead tight work deadlines) and can't make up for those lost days (is there a moral in there somewhere??) I shall do me very bestest and intend to post you a picture from my neck of the woods as often as possible.

This summer is promising to be a bit more relaxed than some past ones have. Just 1 wedding, 3 family parties, 21 birthdays (most need no more than a quick call or card), a new nephew (due any day now... exciting), the rest of the world cup.... well these are the things that sping to mind.

In the in-between-times I will be playing, working on some of those to-be finished projects (never call them unfinished!) and enjoying life.

What this space........