Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Another Summer’s Day

or the day after. Today is going to be a day of snide comments, blatant „Schadenfreude“, and the like. What do I have to hold against all this? Well, a decent night’s sleep (not a normal event on a Sunday night) and a beautiful summer’s morning which I am enjoying to Coldplay. Even if football isn’t coming home, that one (in comparison) small island produces a disproportionate amount of excellent music artists. I will enjoy today anyway. I suppose if you are going to live somewhere abroad (only a problem once every two years, don’t forget the European Cup!) I suppose it’s best to live where the party has a good chance of being to celebrate the world champions, isn’t it? And in a way it is better than to live in the county that is now going to fall into a mix of self pity, anger at a massive ref. mistake and self inspection. Have I mentioned just how beautiful this morning is?!

Time is speeding by. Last Friday was Yorck’s nursery leaving party. I have to admit that I no longer have a baby, but a little boy. The toddlerisms are almost over as well. Time for Kindergarten (European Kindergarten that is.). I am sure going to miss the cosy nursery he goes to now. The nursery assistants (is that what you call them?) are great, Yorck feels nearly as at home there as he does at home. I suppose moving on is one of those things that is going to accompany us until he makes his own way in the world (it breaks my heart just thinking about that even now). Thanks to all of you who have made my little man so welcome over the past two and a bit years.

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