Thursday, June 24, 2010

Okay, okay, so it has to be about football

Deciding to be more present and enjoy life a bit more sure is the way to start. Just deciding that no chores were going to be done yesterday, just fun in the park and intense football viewing, has recharged my battery enormously. To anyone who doesn't know, I am a Brit (for football, English) married to a German living here in (currently) sunny Düsseldorf. So days like yesterday are good: England and Germany win their respective games, days like the coming Sunday (England vs. Germany) are fraught.

Between games, Yorck and I went to the park and had amongst lots of other summer fun, a Sesame Street park moment. Lots of kids running around enjoying themselves. Yorck and I were sitting on a big seesaw. The shades of skin varied from so white translucent would be a better description, through prettiest tan with long loose brown curls to a gorgeous black (with the biggest grin out). Our park on a weekday is like a United Nations Assembly (only the kids can solve their problems more easily). I love it.

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