Friday, June 25, 2010

Boys in Parks

Summer really is with us here in Düsseldorf. So Yorck and I are spending our days outside with friends. We are really enjoying Düsseldorf. It has to be said, I never noticed before how green this city is. It just came 7th in a Mercer quality of living survey of the world's cities.A lot of parks and green go towards making somewhere livable, if you ask me. It is also somewhere that seems to pull people back. I've ended up living here twice! So as part of this challenge (34 days of summer) I'm intending to show and tell you about some of the places around here.

Yesterday we went to the Nordpark. I have been there once before (in a different life) and although it was nice enough I wasn't overly impressed. Quite different yesterday. It was wonderfully wot (more than warm but not HOT), the fountains were on (they can't have been there last time I was otherwise I'd have been back there many more times inbetween) and the boys (those two rascals on the pictures) had a wail of time. You can see the evidence of the nephew I mentioned who would be coming this summer here too. 

So for any of you who live or are coming to Düsseldorf, the Nordpark is worth a visit (despite it's dubious origins). There is even a little cafe hidden away in it's depths. I've heard they do a mean iced chocolate!

And then there are other playgrounds which are just places that are great to hang out in with your mates. Nothing like a well placed table tennis table in the shade for a snack for the boys and a coffee for the mums (Thanks Helen!) 


  1. And nothing like coffee in a plastic cup for loosening the tongue, so to speak ;D. Thanks, Yvette.

  2. They're just adorable!! Sounds like a lovely day--and I'm enjoying your walk through summer.

    And as for World Cup... CLEARLY, I'm a USA girl. But, we're going to get creamed by Ghana I fear and in my heart I'm really waving a flag for Uruguay.