Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to ......enjoy the remaining 92 days of summer

It's time to move forward, start seeing and savouring again, enjoy the summer and enjoy my great family and friends

So to celebrate this I have decided to join Evidently in her 94 days of summer. Although I have obviously started a little late (I plead tight work deadlines) and can't make up for those lost days (is there a moral in there somewhere??) I shall do me very bestest and intend to post you a picture from my neck of the woods as often as possible.

This summer is promising to be a bit more relaxed than some past ones have. Just 1 wedding, 3 family parties, 21 birthdays (most need no more than a quick call or card), a new nephew (due any day now... exciting), the rest of the world cup.... well these are the things that sping to mind.

In the in-between-times I will be playing, working on some of those to-be finished projects (never call them unfinished!) and enjoying life.

What this space........

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  1. Thanks for joining me. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!