Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This really is meant to be a blog about positive things and the good things in life. Well I had an exceptionally good chance to get to know Mainz Kastel rail station (bit of a big word for it) today. I thought I’d try a new way home. But the bus was late and I missed the connecting train. So it took an hour for me to get no further than Mainz Kastel. If you have ever been from Wiesbaden you know you can walk there in that. Honestly you can.

But I did see the most amazing cloud formations on the way (made me think about the book I’d like to dip into about cloud formations). And I got time to sort the pictures from the weekend. There are some good ones of Ari and Yorck at their Great Aunt Irmi’s 75th.

Here are the guys and their first tortoise experience

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