Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 Things

I once read that recapping 5 things good things that happened during the day before you go to bed at night helped you remain/become contented with life. Well yesterday when I didn't have to even think twice about those 5.

1. A friend with excellent interior design sense came up with a solution for the TV corner in our living room (it's not good at the moment).

2. I got to come home from work 3 hours earlier than normal. I got to play with Yorck before he went to bed (not normal for a Tuesday evening) and to watch TV with my hubby (not normal either).

3. Listening to the man standing next to me on the platform in Düsseldorf. He was approached by a guy selling Fifty-Fifty (Düsseldorf's homeless magazine). Not only did he give him way over the price, as he needed change and the train arrived whilst the transaction was going on, he reassured the guy selling that he was in no rush and could catch the next train if it took longer. He just treated that guy with more respect than most people treat anyone.

4. The cashier in my local Rewe City pointed out twice that the pluots that I wanted to buy were not in the best shape. I'd never had them before and so didn't really know what I was looking for. After me picking up a bad pack the second time, he went off himself to look for a good pack. That really is what generates customer loyalty.

5. I was greeted by my little boy with the biggest smile shouting Mummy, Mummy when I got home. And about 10 minutes later Arvid came home too.

It is the people you share your life with, the respectful encounters with others and the simple things that can make life so much more enjoyable.

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