Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday furniture

Over the weekend I started to renovate a “desk” and some chairs for Yorck’s 2nd birthday. Somewhere for him to draw and paint. After deciding that I’d at least like something with a bit more history than the standard stuff from Ikea, we kept our eyes open at a couple of we’ve been to flea markets recently.

I already had the coffee table (and yes it is old Ikea. Thanks Andrea). To go with the rest of the furniture in his room, I decided it should be white (I do quite like the shabby chic look of that sanded blue paint though). The weather was so nice that I started the renovation outside. And guess who was so very enthusiastic to help? Seems a bit wrong, but who am I to stop his renovation fun?

We spent the weekend away in the Eifel (where there is considerably more room for such things) and it was great. I got to spend it with my family and choose when to sneak off and work on my crafting projects. What a combination. Apart from the furniture (which still needs more work) I finished a promised seat strap for my littlest nephew on his holidays. Thinking about it, I finished it more for his parents and their eating pleasures. Then I started and finished (!!) a couple of presents that I can’t show you yet. The birthday surprise would be spoilt so you’ll just have to wait until they arrive on the other side of the world…..hopefully in time for the 13th. Might be pushing it a bit, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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  1. This blog is just for me :-) I feel very special - thanks! The chairs turned out great BTW, I'm sure Yorck will have many years of sitting pleasure!