Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Day!

He's been with us for two whole years. Amazing! And what pleasure filled years they have been. What did we do before he arrived? I suppose we slept longer and went out more (in the evenings). But to be honest you can get by with a lot less sleep than you think and I have been out more in the day, met new friends and generally enjoyed my life a lot more since Yorck has been around. Thank you, Sweetheart. You are such fun!

Yorck enjoying the first of his cake at 06:30 am. Well there do have to be advantages of a failed cake the night before! I reckon this is the way to start a birthday!

And here is the very same little boy picking the Smarties off his cake. Not interested in the presents, just interested in picking these things off his cake. How did we get him to the age of two without him knowing what they are!! We watched in amazement and stifled our giggles. Okay, we have spent a lot of effort keeping him away from Gummibärchen but not Smarties. After he had successfully removed them all, he then turned to the serious business of present opening.

Sadly there are no pictures of us in the park where we spent the rest of the day, due to a mother leaving her keys in the back of the door (and the camera in the flat)! But a good time was had by all. It was still 30°c here yesterday so we even got to play in the fountains in the park. Such weather on September the 8th is a birthday present in itself.

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