Monday, September 14, 2009

A jammy weekend

It was a real JAM weekend. How could it not be. Look at these plums….. We now have loadsa Pflaumenmus. It’s a sort of German plum spread. I love it. Ours turned out quite lemony (due to really strong lemon peel) which is alright cos my little family seems to love the taste of lemon. The smell of plum jam wafted through the house all day Sunday. Both of us realised how the smell of jam is an integral part of the smells and memories that conjure up home and childhood. Mmmmmmmmm...............

And there was a real JEWEL walk in the weekend as well. My little two year loves to go on walks. Not sure where he could get that from (neither his great grandparents….bless them, nor his grandparents (on either side) nor his parents like to walk, hike or ramble!!).Well after he had had enough plum picking, swinging and climbing on the climbing frame, this little guy decided it was time for a walk.

‘Dis way, ‘dis way….he rattled at the gate and wanted to go….so off we went. Papi was left in the house stoning plums. My son and Iwith our great new wellies on our feet (thanks Helen and Clive), what more could I want in life? We saw tall grass, we investigated creepy crawlies, looked at the sky, jumped in puddles (well I watched), walked down “new to us” roads, discovered old style electric pylons, met a man with a Jeep and a trailer, enjoyed each other’s company. And when we got home again, most of those plums had been stoned.

The thing that struck me all weekend, and yes it has been threatening for a while, is that autumn is upon us. The colours (and the temperature) outside reinforced that feeling. I love this time of year, even if it is kind of melancholic. The long summer days are over.

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  1. That sounds like such a nice weekend. I love/dread that melancholy autumn feel...