Monday, February 21, 2011

The Town Where Everyone Drives Hire Cars

A couple of weekends ago, we went to visit friends in the town where everyone drives hire cars. What? I hear you ask. Well that is what it feels as you drive into the city. For everyone ouside Germany, you have to know that most hire cars here are registered in Hamburg (HH) and then always have a great big "D" sticker on the back. So as you drive in you wonder for a couple of minutes about the amount of hire cars in the place. Hire  cars are registered in Hamburg and many company lease car schemes are registered in Munich. I personally believe it might have something to do with these two cities trying to convince the rest of the republic that they are actually bigger than they are.

Well enough about cars, we had a lovely weekend. Thanks, guys! And despite the rain we did get out. If it is throwing it down outside, what do you do? Of course, you go to an aquarium. Hamburg is home to Hagenbeck Aquarium. It is great and despite the fact the place was packed we weren't pushed and shoved like you can be sometimes. The animals and fish looked like they had as realistically natural setting as you could achieve in such a place. We saw the biggest snakes ever and they were actually moving so you could see just how long they really were.

The big tank with the rays and sharks is always the best though and we did sit there on the floor and watch the sea life glide past for about half an hour. So relaxing. 

Just around the corner from the friends we were visiting is this shop window. Sadly they weren't open when I walked past the first time or the second time when I specifically went there (hrmph... opening times on the website aren't the same as the ones in real life. But then again it really was throwing it down with rain, the whole area was deserted and all the other shops had shut too). I suppose I shall just be glad about the non-consumer moment I had (that is for you, Yramesmor!). But still look at all those beautiful spools..........Hopefully they'll be open next time.

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