Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Little did I know when I shot this a few weeks ago that I'd be able to use it to announce our move into a place with a garden. Yep, a garden and a live-in kitchen. Oh my, am I excited! I am thinking through furniture arrangement, curtains and picture hanging as well as what we can plant in the garden. The timing is perfect, my parents are coming soon and my mum has very kindly offered to help me on that score. We'll now be reducing the size of those monster green and yellow ones and digging some old but beautiful curtains out too. As to the garden, Y has already suggested peas and beans and flowers. Pretty good going I reckon. Just have to keep that dog under control otherwise all we'll have are worms!

The first thing that we need is a new kitchen. Anyone reading this from outside Germany probably won't be familiar with the crazy system they have here. Many people rent places but own their own kitchen. You move and take your fitted kitchen with you. Mad! Anyway, our kitchen is now in it's last flat. I really like it and it looks good where it is right now, but it will not take another move. So now we are looking to leave our kitchen in this flat and get a new one. Or even a new to us one. The choice is now red or white?  What do you reckon? The room itself is narrow but theoretically could have up to over 4 meters of tops once you have made allowance for the hob, sink and fridge. That is a lot of kitchen!

There'll be more pictures coming up soon. And to those have asked, of the house too. 

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  1. It has to be bright red but not shiny red. However as you are likely to move again white will fit in anywhere.
    Good luck with your search for a new kitchen.