Thursday, February 24, 2011


This weekend my folks are coming. Yipee! I don't see them often as they live soooo far away. Apart from looking forward to a great weekend, I am looking forward to continuing with this started project. My lovely knitting teacher (you know who you are... :-)) took me to one of her favourite haunts and where she teaches. After dithering for about ten hours at the very least, I treated myself to this box of the softest most beautiful wool. She helped me choose a pattern and off I started. Well one ball half knitted and I realised I'd made a mistake. Having so far only knitted scarves and hats (lots of pictures to come), I wasn't used to paying much attention to what I was doing. Knitting in the train home with one eye on a dog, or whilst chatting or watching TV is not the way to go as a beginner if it involves more than just knitting around and around. A small amount of concentration would have done me good. Anyway the wool is so precious (no I won't tell you what the shopkeeper was happy to take out of my hand for this softness) that I daredent rip it out by myself. My mum is going to oversee this ripping and Mrs. T (haha... it works for both of these knitting ladies) will be most surprised to see what I show you next time I see you.


  1. That is how I usually get my self into trouble...such as when I had to tear out an inch of sock because I was too busy watching my son at swim lessons.

  2. Soooo - tell me, what have you done? Loving Greetings from your serious knitting teacher Fräulein Rottenmaier!