Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Top of The World

We've just returned from yet another "most beautiful place in the world". I have a few of them. They are all characterised by their remoteness and by the lack of other people there. We spent the last week in Engadine. You can see the beauty from these webcams. Some might say that it is not empty here. There are thousands on the slopes.

If you walk these mountains there aren't many and if you go to places other than skilifts and ski place, the silence is so engulfing, you can hear the words uttered by the people over half a kilometer away. Standing on top of the Corvatsch, looking out over the valley I had "Top of the World" by James playing in my mind (sadly, there is no good version on youtube). Lying in in my own bed on Sunday morning, keeping my eyes shut and pretending I wasn't back in this crowded and dirty city, I realised two things. I am most sincerely not a city girl at heart, and Engadine is a somewhere that can be brought home as a feeling. 

I'd like to thank the friends that took us with them (again....and we are always up for this trip) and shared their holidays with us. We had great fun and enjoyed ourselves magnificiently. 

AND I'd like to apologise for the lack of photo. I am having computer problems...... so far unexplainable ones. There is a gremlin in my computer and he is refusing to leave. 

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