Monday, January 24, 2011

Waking Ned Devine, A Poignant Reminder

On Sunday a great guy I know invited his friends to his annual film showing. Once a year, this couple invite all their friends, their families and their children's friends to a film of their choice. Held in the Lichtburg in Essen it is lovely opportunity not only to go to a proper cinema, but also to meet people you haven't seen since last year (and promise to really meet up soon again!). The Lichtburg describes itself as a film palace. It is true. With a balcony, proper red carpet, a cloakroom, marble floors it just exudes a celebration of film. The other great thing about this event is the film itself. This year it was Waking Ned Devine. If you haven't seen this movie, go find it and watch it. Wonderful celebration of life, friendship and funny, very funny.

The film not is a wonderful film in itself, it also touches me in two other ways. It starts with a tune by a band who's music touches me everytime I hear it. The Waterboys. Irrelevant of which of their tunes I hear, they evoke the same nostalgic feeling as long evenings in summer do. They make me think back to being a teen (and feeling the same thing) and how much those friends meant to me. And about that special place in my heart they still occupy, even the ones I have lost contact with. I love my friends now, but there is something about those teenage friends (you know who you are) that fill a spot that somehow noone else ever can. Or is it not the years we shared, but the music we share(d)? This really would explain one subsequent friendship that has that special "teenage" or should I say JYF depth? 

The other thing this film does is remind me of home. No, I don't come from Ireland. But that landscape pulls the same strings as the Welsh landscape does. It reminds me that there is a part of me, a significant part, that belongs somewhere else. Somewhere I don't live right now. Somewhere that nourishes a part of me that this country of choice doesn't. A place with less trees, with wilder open spaces, with cold beaches, with small cottages, with less roads and with sheep. Where a Landrover is not a status symbol, where green wellies and a waxed jacket are accompanied by a collie and are work clothes, not a fashion statement. Time for a trip home.

PS. Whilst looking for a very particular Welsh picture, I have discovered that my external hard drive isn't working..... oh all my older pictures..... let's hope it is just my power supply

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