Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Special Visit

Over Christmas some good friends (www.elasticpeople.net) came over from Beijing. We had a wonderful time catching up, spending hours chatting and the kids playing. It is incredible to see how one person can get a whole lot of overworked busy mums together to finally get their acts together, meet up and even go out for drinks a couple of nights. Yup Alex, you pulled us together to start with and back together again over Christmas. Thank you! This is the first time in ages that we've met up. There have been many mails though. Jobs and more kids have basically filled up our lives to bursting point and as mums tend to do, the meetings, which to be honest were about us as much as them, seem to have been put on to a back burner. We have vowed to change that though, so Mondays here we come.  There are three other kids who aren't on this picture, two because they didn't want to be and one 'cos her Mummy is very pregnant and  the amount of ice and snow outside when this was taken meant it wouldn't really have been very sensible to be travelling about town. Yup Sienna, Susan and Bryanna, we love you too. Even if you didn't want to join the photo.

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  1. Love the jumper the little boy on the back row is wearing.