Sunday, August 29, 2010


Over a week ago, we had one day of beautiful sunshine. And we were lucky enough to be invited to a pool opening party. The cousins had a great time playing in the pool, entertaining grandparents, and generally enjoying summertime.

Since then it has gone back to be a Welsh summer. No disrespect to Wales, I love the country and yes, a good summer there is perfect. I have experienced many though that were mainly rain and a lot like the one we are having here. Everytime I get frustrated about it, I remind myself of those millions that have had far more water come down on them than we have this year. For us it is frustrating, for them life threatening and terrorising. So once again I am counting my blessings and saying thank you for this beautiful day. Oh and please, if anyone is reading this that has some say in the matter... please can we have some more sunny ones.

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