Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I have a special place for January in my heart. Okay it can be very dark, cold and miserable. In the past two have been snow filled which makes it even better. I think lots of people have a special relationship with their birth month. Birthdays are great, I love them. It is so nice to have people from all over ring you, send you cards or just drop you a text message. Granted we now have mobiles, computer and applications like Facebook to remind us about them, but I don’t care. Thanks for all the calls, mails, texts….I think I appreciate those calls all the more because I am soooo bad at birthdays myself. Typically I remember or am reminded early in the morning, spend all morning thinking about calling that person to then forget until it is too late at night. Sorry!

The other reason I like my birthday is because two years ago I decided that the best thing I could give to myself was a whole day. My company gives us the afternoon off (thank you very much…..) and I add a half-day’s holiday to it. Time to do just as I want. The rules are no admin stuff, no doctor’s appointments, no work, just pleasure. This year I fiddled with my sewing machine, skyped for two hours to my far away friend in China (almost as good as sitting in the kitchen drinking tea, only almost) and then stamping through the snowy park to a café (Sugarbird Cupcakes) for hot chocolate and cake. Sugarbird Cupcakes is somewhere I have been wanting to go since we moved here, but somehow had to be made into a proper date before I actually got there. Y and I really enjoyed it as you can see.

And now it is February and February brings a whole round of pleasures. Karneval is one of them. Living in Düsseldorf means you have to really be fore it or leave the city. It is a bit like Marmite, either you love it or you hate it. This year we’ll be dancing inside on Saturday and following the children’s parade on Sunday. The big parade on Monday is better seen on TV anyway (oh and yes, I have to work…… there are disadvantages of not working in a part of the country that doesn’t celebrate).

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