Monday, August 15, 2011

Reuse, recycle and get back on track!

I have finally got my sewing machine set up in the new place! Yeah.... no news for a very long time. My excuse is manifold (I love that word!): boxes, boxes and more boxes that needed emptying, a job, a family, no photography or crafting mojo, a garden that needed some serious sorting out and a seriously low energy level.

But we rearranged some stuff recently and put up a table (made by my Dad) and the sewing machine on it. I have promised myself, no new projects until the unfinished projects box is empty! Well.... tomorrow I'll post a picture of the unfinished projects box and maybe even some of the contents. Nothing like a bit of self induced pressure to get things done. These were the first things to be "finished". They used to be pjs. But sadly although I really like the pattern, the quality wasn't good and for some reason they shrank a lot. Non-fitting pjs are not the way to go in my book. They were turned into dusters in short shrift. Not exactly a challenging project, but a good way to start and useful too.

Next up, more pjs... mummy ones to boys' ones. But more about them next time.

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