Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

My mother send me this this morning.

Ten Ways We Misunderstand Children by Jan Hunt, M.Sc. 
  1. We expect children to be able to do things before they are ready.
  2. We become angry when a child fails to meet our needs.
  3. We mistrust the child’s motives.
  4. We don’t allow children to be children.
  5. We get it backwards.
  6. We blame and criticize when a child makes a mistake.
  7. We forget how deeply blame and criticism can hurt a child.
  8. We forget how healing loving actions can be.
  9. We forget that our behavior provides the most potent lessons to the child. 
  10. We see only the outward behavior, not the love and good intentions inside the child. 
She is right. It made me stop and think. And it made me promise myself to try harder, to think  more about my actions, words and thoughts, to do more justice to the little man in my life and where he is coming from.

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