Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a Day!

This time three years ago, I'd just started out on this journey called motherhood. I really think that day was the most moving of my life. No squishing romanticism going on here, it just was. My mother said once that once you know you are pregnant, nothing ever is the same again. Well "that" moment came to me early one September morning when the little man that brings so much joy (and a whole load of other emotions!) physically came into my life and could be touched. One thing amongst many others struck me at the time and that is how much one little person can create/bring forth/ draw out (I can't find the word I am looking for) love from so many all by themself. You bear a child which is so intricately part of you, it is born and immediately has a sphere of influence that you do not realise and cannot necessarily influence.

Well today, we celebrated his birthday at home, with friends, with family and in Kindergarten. Once again, I am amazed at this little man and the circle of people he has collected around himself. Some of them certainly are our doing, the friendships he has are not. The love shown on this day by those people makes me so thankful. Thankful that this little man has the capability to reach out to others, inspire their love and affection (so important for a fulfilled life), thankful to his friends, our friends, my friends and the family for showing this and for giving him all those lovely presents  (and I get to play with too).

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