Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Temporary Resident


We woke up one morning about five weeks ago to find a duck in our back yard. She had already thrown out lots of my precious anemone (that forgot to flower last year) and had laid four eggs in the pot. After deciding not to eat them (and yes there were suggestions. Duck eggs make wonderful sponge cake), we wondered what to do and decided just to watch her hatch them

By now there are 15 eggs in there and she has been sitting on them for over two weeks. A lady from the city will come and move her and her chicks to the lake in the park when they are hatched. There is no way she'd get the over three walls, down into a courtyard, across the road and the park safely. We are enjoying her company.

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  1. Just reading after ages. What a lovely story. Do you have photos of the chicks? Did the make it to the lake? Anjali