Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

2010 has started and I am on my way to work. A little while in which I can either sleep along with my fellow passengers, take the time to reflect on the past few days or think about the future. This morning I am taking the time to reflect on the past fortnight. The Christmas and New Year celebrations were fun. We spent a lot of time with family and friends, ate excellent food lovingly prepared, opened packages which showed the givers had given much thought to the receivers, and enjoyed the weather.

On Christmas Eve we went as a family to the family Christmas service. I thought it was done really well. The local primary school acted the Nativity and the meaning of Christmas was spelt out very clearly. The blatant message wasn’t enjoyed by all, but I felt it was good to be reminded without any misunderstanding what Christmas is about and about how good our lives are. The following days were very family intensive and with 5 little ones (and quite a lot of big ones) a noisy affair. We had them all around for dinner on Boxing Day. It always makes me appreciate what having 18 people for dinner entails! Thanks to my inlaws for having us the other two days.

Despite the thoughtfulness and generosity of the presents we were given, this time of year never fails to make me question the amount of presents we receive. Funny, I love buying, making (doesn’t happen half as much as I would like!!) giving and receiving presents. I less like having things. Of course I like the things I have been given or we have been given, the whole ritual is wonderful but we seem to have so much. All of the things we have and then all the new things. Somehow when they are all together they take up so much space. I am still mulling over these thoughts.

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  1. I agree with your sentiments. I try to give my grown up friends gifts that I know they won't have around their house the following year. For example, last year I sent grandmas gingerbread houses to make with their grandchildren. This year I sent Christmassy flavoured tea bags and the honey pots I showed you. I hate the thought of burdening people with unwanted "clutter". Though I know I have done this unwittingly from time to time. My poor brother and the fondu set....